Highly antiseptic and moisturizing.

DETER SELL® CID is a product with high antiseptic power developed to be used as liquid soap and shampoo, which contains in its formula moisturizers and emollients, which hydrate users’ skin.

First and only product specific for aid in biosafety programs for the poultry and pig segments.

Available in packages: 350 ml and 5 liter cylinder.

Registered in conformity with the rigorous standards of ANVISA (Ministry of Health).

Proven efficacy against Salmonella sp.

Gentle fragrance.

Product data

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Where to use

We recommend the use of DETER SELL® CID for all situations where the antisepsis process of body, hair and hands may be deemed necessary.

For correct hygienization of the hands

1- Wet the hand.

2- Cover the hands with DETER SELL® CID antiseptic liquid soap.

3- Rub the palm of the hands and thumb.

4- Rub the back of the hands with the fingers intertwined.

5- Rub the tip of the fingers at the joints of the phalanges.

6- Rub the wrists with the hands.

7- Rub the hands with water.

8- Rub the hands with a disposable towel.

9- Use this same towel to turn off the faucet.

10- Ready, your hands are completely hygienized.

For correct hygienization during bath

1- Make sure that you removed all utensils of personal use like watches, bracelets, rings, etc.

2- Wet the head and body.

3- Start the bath by applying sufficient amount of DETER SELL® CID throughout the entire body.

4- Rinse primarily the hair and then the rest of the body.

5- Ready, hygienization and asepsis are done.